Unprecedented Courtesy — Prentice Creek

It was good that we waited out the rain in Fishing Bay, it became semi-biblical before it ceased. Today’s weather promised dry conditions, a sunny afternoon and winds that would allow us to sail up to Prentice Creek. However, Mother Earth trumps NOAA every time. It stayed gray. The winds were on the nose all the way. That is, until they dropped to nothing. Three more hours motoring – or is it, “Yanmaring?”

Prentice Creek off Dividing Creek is a place we have anchored before. It’s a small space. Four boat’s would crowd it. But the shelter is nearly perfect, and the land folks don’t seem to mind having us in their field of view. We enjoyed a first here today. We’ve been sailing since 1974. One or the other of us have sailed in Maine, Mass, Chesapeake, all the way to Florida, Western Florida, California, Hawaii, The British Virgin Islands, etc. This is the very first place another boat on entering a place where we were anchored has asked where our anchor was and in what direction was it from the boat! We will not forget this boat, Bluejacket, Deltaville, VA. I hope we all paused to think of and thank the people who went ashore in Normandy this date in 1944.

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