Transitions.3 — Dun Cove

I don’t know how many times we have anchored in Dun Cove. It’s one of the five places closest to our marina, but once you get here the madness of our Metro area crowding and wobbly infrastructure is far, far away. Dun Cove’s an old friend whose table you can rest your feet upon.

When we got here, five boats were already here. But our favorite spot was waiting for us. This morning all but two left early. Cruising, we suppose, or sent off by another forecast of thunder stuff with higher probabilities than pronounced by the weather folks last night.

We just aren’t ready to go back to the marina yet. But commitments made months ago must be honored. And mail must be collected. And my business must be restarted. So tomorrow, we will head for the marina we have had some sort of boat in since 1990. [I’m tardy posting people’s comments. my apologies.]

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