A Surfeit of Tympani and Deficit of Cymbals — Dun Cove

Well, plans change, or they are changed for you.

Something woke me at 0700 this morning, probably thunder. A look out the ports showed a dark mauve roll cloud about 5 miles SW. The local doppler radar confirmed we were about to get a pasting. We buttoned up and agreed we’d head back to the marina tomorrow. When the storm arrived a half hour later, there was too much lightning, too close — 1/5 mile according to the chimpanzee rule. Too close.

The good news is the Bay is still relatively chilly. As the radar returns crossed the waters between Anne Arundel and Talbot counties, we could see the storm losing strength. Then as it moved east of us it restrengthened over the warm Eastern Shore. We had a handful of pea-hail but no downpours or much wind at all. Of course, if the sky clears to the west, and the sun heats up the Piedmont, we could see worse this afternoon.

Today, persistent clouds will be our friends. We haven’t mentioned food lately. This part of the trip we have spent much more time away from restaurants than near them. However at Chez Janet last night we were treated to basil-pomegranate marinated pork tenderloin, parlsey potatoes and fresh lemon and cracked pepper asparagus salad for dinner. The chef even came out of the kitchen and dined with me!

The left over pork and potatoes with half a vidalia onion and two eggs made a great hash reminiscent of Nova Scotian potato cod cakes.

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