Blam! Blooey!* — Dun Cove

If yesterday’s morning storm (with the mauve sky) was Blam!, our storm yesterday evening was Blooey!. The filmstrip shows the evolution. When it reached us it had lost most of its stuffing. But from the view, we wouldn’t have bet on it. Best, the electricity went either side of us by a fair margin.

This morning, we expected we might ghost home on a five knot Northerly. Instead, we motored home in 0.7 knots from the WSW. The “CR” buoy photo was taken as the wind gusted to 1.5 knots in the middle of the ship channel. We pulled into our slip ~1400 after pumping out at the “poop dock.” So the trip has come to an end, but not the cruise…

* In 1987 John Barth published “The Tidewater Tales” set in our sailing area. “Blam!” and “Blooey!” were storms like these. I’m re-reading the book hoping it improves with age (mine).

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