Not Another Salsa! (It’s a name, not an exclaim)

More Monsoon Soon

My brother and I have been kitchen denizens of some kind our whole lives. For the better part of a century between us we have enjoyed the chemistry of the place (Love that Alton Brown).

From Albuquerque, NM he shared with me the following recipe:



8 Medium to 6 large tomatoes- beefsteak are good

1 Medium size – Vidalia (preferably or “Texas Sweet”)

1 large bunch of Cilantro- fresh- leaves only- Note: (hold bunch and put on cutting board drag fork from base to leaves like you are raking grass. It will do excellent job of de-stemming)

3 small to medium fire/grill roasted poblano- 2 seeded one not

1 fresh jalapeño- Either TAM Mild Jalapeno 1000-1500 Scoville units (Texas A&M’s contribution to a great jalapeño or low fire jalapeño I believe a New Mexico is 6-4. Seed then fillet the inside membranes to remove the oil glands and keep the flavor not the fire. To put this in perspective -Bell peppers are 0 units and Habenero range from 150,000 to 300,000 units

2 TBSP minced garlic

2 1/2 TSP Mexican Oregano dried fresh can be used but it is hard to find-(do not use Greek it has a licorice flavor)

3/4 TBSP Kosher salt (start with this)

2 ½ TSP ground Cumin

½ TSP “Smokin Chipotle Seasoning” to taste item – Desert Gardens brand is good and can be found in most grocery stores or on line.

1 tsp sugar- (may have to increase balance with salt and acidity of tomatoes.)

In a food processor combine- cumin, garlic, 1 poblano 1000-2000 Scoville units (with the seeds) 1/3 of the fresh jalapeño, 2 tomatoes (cube them up for easier blending) and ¼ of cilantro leaves-puree 10 sec till smooth not liquefied.

Add 2 more tomatoes diced large ½ in, rest of jalapeños diced approximately 1/8-1/4 in. pieces, the 2 seeded poblanos chopped ¼ +/-, 1/3 of onion diced in ¼ -1/2 in pieces – do 2 plus pulses ( object is to incorporate items and give different texture not to make soup)

Add remaining tomatoes diced in ¼-1/2 in chunks, all cilantro leaves and another approximately 1/3 of onion diced same as earlier (This is a to taste step. Once this step is completed-Taste it ! before you add all of onion) add the chipotle season salt – 2 maybe 3 pulses then pour in bowl-stir in sugar.

He does not recommend making a big batch or doubling. The multiple textures are what you are looking for and it will change the texture as it will not blend correctly.



I think we would serve this with warm blue corn chips and a little bit of shredded Asadero Cheese.

This also sounds like an excellent base for a red chicken pozole. Just add another onion, some sauteed chicken pieces and a pound of white hominy for Caldo Pollo Pozole Rojo.

Muchas gracias, hermano!

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