Cruising is Al Fresco to the Core

Certainly, there are times, hot and cold, wet and windy, biting buggy when we seek an enclosed life. We are, after all, comfort seeking creatures. It takes very little privation, minimal environmental scourging, for us to feel renewed and, thus, more pleased with pleasant weather afloat.

Ashore, we can too easily lump good days with less good from the shelter of four walls with double paned, shuttered windows and be poorer for it. Our weather for the last three days has been molto benevolo — moderate temps, moderate humidity, moderate breezes — all things in moderation except water taxi wakes.

We spent the evening in Weems Creek off the Severn as all moorings were taken when we arrived Annapolis. In Weems, squally, frontal weather went north and south of us and the wakes from the river rolled in until quite late. Surrounded by expensive eclectic architectural excess, we relaxed from the low grade frenzy of getting the boat loaded and fueled and underway after the completion of its annual haul-out at Hartge’s new location.

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