Timing is everything

We left Weems to re-arrive Annapolis as boats were, hopefully, leaving moorings. Running out of that hope as we ran out of moorings, we spotted one being dropped. Janet, at the helm in these situations, stooped on it like a hungry osprey and brought me and my boat-hook to a perfect pickup after threading a gap made narrow by a moored boat with an excessively long dinghy painter.

We arrived in the early stages of the Annapolis “Tea Party,” a political rally expressing outrage at current and imminent tax policies — at high volume from directly upwind. Now, Janet and I spent near a quarter of a century directly devoting ourselves to the support and defense of our Constitution, but this wasn’t high on our list of things to listen to. Twas al fresco oratorio infuriato forte indeed, and appropriate to the holiday, so listen we did.

Didn’t hear a lot to disagree with. But it is a shame when adult reality butts its cold, damp nose into your second(?) childhood.

Lots of maritime activity graced the day. We had a pleasant mini-gam* with a dinghy-borne SSCA Member on his way from the gas dock to the Horn Point anchorage (a half mile out). We chatted for 2+ hours. Our common ground had waves upon it, winds across it, and a bit of mud too close beneath it.

A sunset squall dropped the curtain on a beautiful day. A three quarter moon took the curtain call for the whole day’s cast.

* A Gam is a meeting of ships at sea to exchange news.

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