When, in the course of human events…

July 4, 1776 was a day when outrage, commitment and optimism changed the course of humanity in ways then unimaginable and still imperfectly imaged. The American Revolution is a fragile experiment in a non-Hobbesian civilization. Colonists over-threw colonizer, yes, but Human over threw Leviathan as well (though it is an ongoing and increasingly uphill process).

Today, with the ebullient abundance flowing though the anchorage of a town once nominated for the Nation’s capital, a port once greater than Baltimore, that 1776 optimism and commitment is at least commemorated by a myriad of flags and symbols. Let’s hope it goes deeper than that and lasts much longer than it has.

For the momentarily unhappy, naked two-year old getting a barely sun-warned shower abeam of us, I suspect it was just another pretty day, spoiled.

Once again, the Annapolis Fireworks were delightful and were applauded by steam whistle hoots and piercing electric horns (Some of which, Janet supplied…the electronic ones…). There were easily a hundred boats anchored off Horn Point for the spectacle.

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