Our sail over to Shaw Bay on the Wye River involved very little sailing after a tease in the Severn River. As is so often the case on the Bay, winds running up or down its tributaries are indicative of nothing when it comes to what is blowing on the Bay proper. Neither are weather forecasts.

Plus, most of the Bay weather buoys were placed in locations where geography bends the winds. In Shaw Bay, we dragged three times trying to set the 55# Delta anchor, so while we circled slowly, I removed it from the rode and shackled on the 44# Bruce — the type anchor we have been using on the Bay since 1996. It dragged. But the nature of the drag told me we’d managed to find an old oyster bar. 200 meters away we anchored with success. We shared this 2 1/4 sqmi place with two other boats. OK, so it’s last night’s photo, geez….

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