Wind? The Sequel

Today, a defective weather forecast tempted us into leaving to use the predicted Northerlies for heading toward Baby Owl Cove off Leadenham Creek off Broad Creek off the Choptank. The Northerlies petered out about two hours later on our way down Eastern Bay. Even the spinnaker failed us once we reached Poplar Island.

So it became “Onward Diesel Sailors” once again. Both here and in Shaw Bay there was much wildlife. On our second night here, a mass of dead flies (2-4 per square foot) flowed past the boat for about an hour. The mass extended as far as the eye could see with binocs. We presume a farmer was spraying for something and got the flies. Lots of fingerling fish tried to feast on them, but the surface tension of the flies’ wings on the water made it impossible for the tiny fish. However, they broke up their schools to go after the flies and so some the bigger fish and terns had a little fish dinner.

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