Today dawned fair and warmer than previous days and trash bags were accumulating in the shower stall, so we decided it was time to go home. We knew from a minor swell starting about midnight there was a wind blowing up from the south. And, indeed, there was. We motored our way thru the wandering complexities of San Domingo and back down to the Choptank. There we found a fairly steady 15 knot wind blowing up from the SSE and a strong outbound tide setting west.

We set sail with a reef in the main and began beating our way out to the Bay. We almost made it on one tack, but current effects shoved us too far to the west,
and we had to work our way back across the ebb to clear the shoals off Blackwalnut Point. Now, the wind was a steady 18 gusting 22. Wind against strong tide sent us through three miles of white-capping, closely spaced green furrows that sent much water aboard. By the time we could fall off for the channel, we were more than ready to. Think of jumping a horse over closely spaced fences for a half hour while having trashcans of water hurled at you (sans cans).

Once in the Blackwalnut channel we set a course for home. We were running well over seven knots and topping eight from time to time. Before long Janet asked how much of a course change it would be to skip going home and… So we changed course for the West River. We made it to the River’s mouth in very good time with winds that had increased to a steady 25 and a helping current. We jibed to enter the river under graying skies with the Doppler radar hinting at rain.

By the time Janet had raced us into the river’s upper reaches, it was clear, warming and there was absolutely no hint of what it was like on the Bay. The front passed without rain, and by bed time we had light North-westerlies.

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