Well, the season is all but over.

Having this latest ICW trip under our belt has given us a renewed appreciation for the Chesapeake. Although interestingly for us, the extra precautions we learned to take when anchoring on our trip led to several instances of difficulty getting the anchor set when back on the Bay. When we went back to our old approach, the problems disappeared.

Once again, in August, we went to California for our anniversary, and it was lovely as usual. The drive up the coast from LA and back were not plusses though. [United stopped providing reasonable connections from Dulles to SFO.] Shortly after our return, Janet and her two sisters and niece were joined by a gaggle of other ladies for a week-long beach outing in Virginia Beach. It included a rip-snorting celebration of Janet’s 60th birthday.

The big event for the (late) summer was the Seven Seas Cruising Association Annapolis Gam in late September. We were responsible for Registration, and I was the print program editor. We ended up being de facto concierges for the event and missed most of it. I was glad to have had all those years of event planning and execution when I was a Junior Officer. Once you have run base support for a Thunderbirds Air Show…

This blog is principally about cruising on Brilliant Star, and that’s not going to be happening for a while. So, we won’t be posting here for some time. For those who have expressed an interest, we will send out an alert when posting starts again.

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