Hot, Hot, Hot Northern & Middle Chesapeake Weather — Caliber Rendezvous

A variety of living on land things kept us slip-bound until mid June. We were then able to leave on a solid west wind that blew us up to Love Point and from there, we motored into Rock Hall’s Spring Cove Marina for our Caliber Cruising Club Spring Rendezvous. We beat the electrified squalls by 15 minutes. With the moon nearing full, the tides were way up and way down, and those following us the next day plowed a few furrows in the bottom getting into the otherwise neat, clean, well-run, excellent marina.

The weather was so hot, the pool felt like broth. We made our way into Chestertown with our friends the Singermans off Tieve Owna. We dined at “Brix,” a tapas place with an Espagnole, Italo, Deep South-o menu that pleased the palate and the pocket book. The Pernod, 2008 Alberino and Warres White were excellent accompaniments to their respective courses.

The Rendezvous was excellent with wine tasting, barbecue, telling of tales, renewal of friendships. We contributed a  2008 Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse. Brunch the next day provided an opportunity to talk about, what else, (boat) plumbing problems… Most folks left shortly thereafter, but we settled in for another two days given the stormy weather forecast. These days gave us the opportunity to meet an chat at length with George and Terry Schorn aboard a sister ship Serena and John and Johanne Van Der Mark aboard the Grand Banks Classic Van Der Zee. Must run, more follows — but then that’s blogging isn’t it?

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