Cool, Cool, Cool

Between Benign and Better

After sweltering and sheltering (in AC and pool) from the heat wave, another line of sharp squalls brought us highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s and persistent Northerlies — all told we were able to sleep under open hatches in JULY for five nights running. [We realize there are many self-important folks out there who don’t consider Chesapeake cruising “real cruising” and who think air conditioning is for wimps… Bah, humbug.]

Several of those cool nights were at Cacaway Island. Up Langford Creek (West of the Corsica River entrance), Cacaway is a tide cut peninsula with steep and deep banks to the east. Boats often take their bows to the narrow beach to shelter in the shade and for a swim. We wouldn’t do it.

We shared the well-protected (by banks or shoals) anchorage with the Sultana out of Chestertown. They were there twice with a ship load of young people on a Bay appreciation voyage. Likewise, three boat loads of Sea Scouts were rafted up a 100 yards away. It is good to see these kinds of youth experiences — wish there were more of them. …

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