In Pursuit of Fireworks, West River and Flatty Cove

This cannot be July already.

After luxuriating in the peace, quiet and cool temps, we decided it was time to sail back down to West River for fuel and to pump the holding tank. The wind went light on us for a while, and thus we arrived too late in the day to do either without rushing so, we kicked back and relaxed some more. The next morning, I called the pump out boat and was told he’d be in our area between 1000-1100, so we waited. Later, when he motored past us at 1130 without stopping, I called him again and was told he’d forgotten.

Even so we made it to the fuel dock by Noon, where an indifferent dock minder lounged around waiting for a tip while Janet schlepped the trash all the way to the back of the marina. I gave her the tip. Once clear of the West River mouth, we set sail and were able to sail on a variable N’ly all the way to the mouth of the Tred Avon River. There, we encountered two racing fleets starting off the Yacht Club with the ferry to Bellevue in the mix. We zigged and then zagged in such way we didn’t discomfit anyone. We saw Serena in the Oxford Moorage but saw no dink and pressed on to anchor in Flatty Cove well out of the river channel and well positioned for fireworks viewing.

Anchoring took three tries. Twice the Bruce anchor skidded across what had to be an old oyster bar. Moving 100 yds south solved the problem. Fine weather continued to make open-hatch sleeping possible. Fireworks were excellent but one could tell the show was economically constrained and there were far fewer boats out to see it than in years past — we still rocked and rolled from wakes for an hour after as the boats that dribbled into the viewing area over the day all went home at once. After that…quiet and satellites! I saw my first Iridium “flare” where the solar panels caught the sunlight just before the satellite disappeared from view creating a flaring match phenomenon. The second one was in a strangely inclined orbit and persisted in view for quite some time.

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