Warming (is “Hotting” a word?)

Independence Day dawned warmish and with a light SW’ly. After the watermen cleared their trot lines from around us — one crossed our anchor chain, but that’s rare — we motored down to Yacht Club Point to set sail. We swung by Serena again; no joy again. Light traffic in the lower river meant it was possible for us to keep the sails full and drawing. In 6 kts of breeze we were able to beat at 3.8 kts down toward Bachelor Point. Nearing there, we got a helpful bend in the breeze off Benoni Point that lifted us clear of the shoal. From there, we were able fall off a bit and foot down to the entrance to the middle Choptank at Chlora Point where an ebb current slowed us quite a bit. We still fetched the entrance to La Trappe, just slowly.

Motoring in, we had three power boats decide to contest the space we were traveling through. None of them were looking at us as their battle of egos commenced, so we did a 360 to put some distance between us. There was clearly a booze factor involved with the biggest of the three. The man at the helm was having a hard time just standing up.

We anchored in our usual spot and were glad for the SW’ly breeze. Our awnings went up, and we spent the day reading in the constantly moving shade.  By sunset, it had cooled enough we were in the mood for fireworks and more satellite watching. Cambridge and Horn Point filled the first bill. Who knows who filled the second with the two satellites we saw cross the handle of the Big Dipper.

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