Continuing to Modify in Deale

Variably Hazy, Hot or Humid (pick 2)

We have replaced the under-sized aluminum outboard motor lifting crane with one of stainless construction and more robust design. Even it was almost right and we made some changes to it to increase safety and utility. Much of that work was done under a sun that felt Like the Rio Grande Valley at the same time of year. During the process our friend Bill the Architect stopped by with an invite for wine and nibbles. Of course he walked up as I was dealing with the white death — Dow 5200 sealant — and a recalcitrant screw. His new cottage is a delight. A 30 mile view toward sunrise, the ship channel, the Deale channel, old trees, traditional cottage architecture all provide a context of “rest here a while.” A great place to be creative — or to kick shoes free and be languidly indolent…

Fawcett, in Annapolis, supplied the parts we needed to make the changes we wanted, and we threw in Brunch at the Boatyard Grill –where the noise level was that of a foundry run by munchkins slamming Red Bull. Fortunately, by chocolate cookie time it had quieted to where I could hear the normal ringing in my ears. Back aboard we discovered I only need to drill and tap for one screw — of course my tap set doesn’t include…. ah well that’s the way of boats.

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