Solar Progress

I have decided to return to the Rio Grande life-style I lived as a boy.  From 1300-1700 I find some shade (preferably with air conditioning) and Siesta.  I did this yesterday and was pleased at how smoothly the job went and how much less fatigued I was come dinner time.  In any case, the support structure for the panels is in now place and bolted tight.

This was a task that had to be done one the boat, there was no way the geometry could have been preserved moving it to a shop.  But you haven’t lived until you have tried to drill eight 3/8 inch holes through 1 inch stainless tubing, top and bottom — and pair-wise parallel.  Day one took a Dremel and a tungsten carbide cutting bit to dress the hole edges.  Day two (much easier access to the work) did not.

Unfortunately this, as did making the cockpit enclosure, reminded me of what a sloppy job the commercial provider did of installing our bimini. And what’s irritating is when I sew up a new one, I’ll either have to replicate the sloppiness or replace and reposition more stuff than I want to think about right now.

Hurricane Earl continues to approach, and NOAA, et al, continue to crunch data into information that shows a carom and slingshot off an approaching cold front.  All the digital models agree; so, I am being extra vigilant.

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