Panel Supports Complete, but not without a fight

To carry the weight of the panels aft (to prevent “pumping” action in a seaway, I replaced the strap tie-downs for the bimini with 1″ stainless support tubes.  I put them in the plane defined by the backstays to reduce visual impact.  They also appear to provide a way to support the overhanging portion of the aft panel and with no real impediment to tilting the panels when in a marina.

The fight?  The set screws provided with the fittings are metric threads but require an SAE Allen wrench and have an SAE diameter.  I’m becoming well known in the new hardware store in Deale.

2 responses to “Panel Supports Complete, but not without a fight

  1. I was trying to read your chapter about panles…. I have to assume that you are talking about Solar panels.
    I built a frame to hold two large 120 Watt panels on the back of my Islander 36 back in 1996 for my trip across the South Pacific (the same size panles are available with 240 Watt outputs).
    Here is a link to the page where I discuss the issue…
    The panels became our built in Biminy, the panles were in the fixed position as after a lot of testing before leaving Marine del Rey there is no noticbale overal (daily) benifit to having the movable.
    These two panels just about covered my daily usage, I only had to run the engine every few (4-5) days to top them off, but I had to run the engine for the water maker and make hot water for rinsing out cloths.

    • Sounds good, will check out your site. We only plan to tilt the panels in marinas and then only if we are not getting the performance we expect. Just wanted to mount them so we could if necessary. Also the tilt mounting makes it possible for us quickly remove them and stow them below if tropical storm winds are predicted (like the last two days.} We used to live in San Pedro….

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