Solar Project vs Remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole

Biblical rain.

Supposedly, the rain was coming around 1600 on Wednesday. I arrived closer to 1100. I literally finished up the panel wiring connections under the first sprinkles. It didn’t help that my soldering iron failed me, and another hardware store trip was required.

The rain was constantly threatening through the pm — too much risk to start the heavy gauge wiring.

Rain, in training [following one another] squalls, started late in the pm. During the night it was heavy enough the usual drips from the radar became plunging streams drumming above my head.

By morning rain accumulations down the center of the Bay from Cove Point to Shadyside had reached six inches. By noon it had reached ten inches, but the radar was starting to show gaps in the squalls to our south.

Perhaps tomorrow will allow me to continue.

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