Solar Ouput

Well, this set up has certainly started down the path of exceeding my expectations. We have been off the grid now since I connected the panels. Even with the sun’s altitude dropping farther each day, the panels have both restored our used amp hours from the previous night and have met the demands of the day as well. They keep the batteries so topped off, it is rare to see a lot of amps being delivered. However, I have seen 28 amps coming from the charge controller which is just two AH short of its operating limit.

When we have been motoring, the AH deficit has been so low we have actually seen the alternator drop back to “float” voltage while underway. We saw this on our ICW trip (long days motoring) but it has been rare to see on the Bay.

The positive feedback on the installation has been a pleasure too. I hope the rest of the off-grid/shore upgrades go as well.

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