A Net on the Network

For years, cruisers have been networking via HF radio and in more geographically constrained areas by VHF.  Generally run by enthusiastic volunteers, these nets have been central to many cruisers enjoying and in a case or three, surviving their cruising experiences.

Occasionally, I have tripped across one of these while fiddling with a world-band radio.  (Shortwave, for the old-timers). In my recent researches on the Bahamas I have found a net that records its content daily and posts it online. This is good for the internet equipped cruiser who missed the session, but it is a cruel tease for the cruiser who must bundle up to go retrieve the mail at the end of the drive way. This morning I heard a fellow cruising blogista announce their arrival in the Abacos.

It’s a far cry from that crystal radio I hid under the covers when I was 11 listening raptly to the scratchy 100,000 watts pumped out by WNO.

You will find the audio files at http://www.abacoinet.com/audio.php


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