Maintenance Blog

I have migrated two logbooks worth of maintenance records to blog format. After looking at applications available for the task, I found them to be too formated to someone else’s style  to work for me and too feature rich for the need.

So, I set up an Apache Server, MySQL and PHP instances on my computer and loaded WordPress to this.

Now each Maintenance activity is a post.

  • It is tagged with a system identifier.
  • It is categorized with a time period.
  • Engine and genset hours are treated similarly but are posted as “asides” in a column of their own (but also show up interleaved with the main postings).
  • The (Better) Tag Cloud gives me an instant picture of where the effort is going.
  • The (Expandable) Archives with post counts give me a quick view of maintenance heavy periods.
  • The calendar does what they do.

And it’s all done with a software platform that required zero learning curve.

AND I CAN SEARCH! (within the Blog or within the SQL database)

I am in the process of building pages with systems information and links.

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