Ice and Electrons

Yesterday, a local contractor, MTS, showed up 10 minutes early to remove our injured batteries and replace them with new ones of a better pedigree. We got a very good price by being part of a truckload order, something folks should consider around boat show time.  We found several vendors were doing this with commodity type items.

The guys were professional, polite, friendly, and competent. Together there were more than 400# of batteries going off and a bit more coming on. Generally, I like to do just about everything on the boat — not this time.  When they left, I pulled the blanket (the switch) from the solar array, changed the AH capacity setting, and the sun did its work. A lovely feeling this.

And what about the ice? It was two-three inches thick at the shore line and around a half-inch at the boat. Even though the day warmed to 43°, the toastiest high this December, when the wind blew across all that ice it was a stern reminder we need to be somewhere else.  I don’t know which is worse, snow, ice floes, or Starling and Crow poop with no spot farther than three inches from the next.

Today we have 40 knot gusts.

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