Attainable Adventure Cruising (A Kudo)

When we set up this blog, we decided not to get into referrals, recommendations and reviews in any systematic fashion. But sometimes something comes along so deserving of positive comment, one should not stay silent — something so rich in quality content, humbly delivered, not mentioning it would be a disservice to the authors and to the, as yet to be, readers. Such is “Attainable Adventure Cruising.”

I have to admit when I first saw the title, I almost skipped it. I was expecting someone who wanted to charge me for a short segment of their cruise to cover their bills.  I was expecting people whose passion for the topic trumped their good sense.  I am very pleased to say I was wrong.

What I found was a voyaging couple sharing heavily of their own time while underway to make things better for others. A couple who freely express the joy and amazement they derive from what they are doing and experiencing and learning — in short a couple worth paying attention to, who make it easy to do so. I am reminded in the very best sense of village elders passing on the keys to a comfortable and intellectually satisfying life without adopting the proto-religiosity of some of the cruising groups and other advice websites.

One may never decide to go anywhere near their cruising grounds — where a fall overboard will leave you with less than an hour of life in the depths of summer — but reading what they have to share takes me back to the literature (yes, literature) of Hiscock, Roth, Moitessier, inter alios.

That they have managed to do this without the rancor and rant poisoning so many discussions on the web makes AAC an even more enjoyable and enriching experience.

I’ve never met them, but I know they are friends.

Do take the time to visit their site and to read the excellent article highlighting them in Soundings Magazine.

2 responses to “Attainable Adventure Cruising (A Kudo)

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  2. Paul Mills

    Hi Chris,

    I entirely and fully agree with and support your sentiments. AAC is the only site that I have chosen to receive alerts for new postings from. Truly rare people in this modern world.

    PS your postings on AAC are also worth reading 🙂

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