Tracking Piratical Events.2

Perhaps a more comprehensive source for the commercial side: ICC Commercial Crime Services

On the yacht side, I have yet to find anything quite so coherent.

One response to “Tracking Piratical Events.2

  1. Hi Chris, This is abit off topic, but you asked me to let you know about the GPS outages in my post at , In fact I have never had an outage last more than afew hours .

    #1 I have seen a couple of hours of erratic behavour (this was many years ago and well offshore),

    #2 Occasional one off jumps out of position by a mile or so for about 30 seconds (mostly around high land or Ice).

    #3 We did have our only gps die for about three days in the aussie bight while I was working on a ship (the Palliser Bay P&O containers), this was Early in1995, but I thought that was a unit problem. From memory it came right by itself , so it could have been a satellite problem? needless to say the master bought a handheld unit in fremantle just in case it happened again.

    I assumed the first was due to a rogue satelite and the second due to reflected signals, the third could be unit or satelite. but would be very interested in your thoughts on these.

    Of course I have had individual units and ariels die, but getting out the spare soon fixed that.

    I guess I was wondering if you had any viable reason that would definately justify carrying a sextant rather than a whole batch of spare GPS units.



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