It’s not just Piracy making the Red Sea Route Dodgy

klaxonstrongA relevant post by Elaine Bunting at Yachting World

It’s not just life and limb….

“A couple of the big marine insurance companies told me today that for the moment they are still insuring yachts for this route, but most policies don’t cover war risks including civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, civil strife or hostile acts, confiscation or expropriation.”

I realize many cruise thinly/un-insured (our unattended boat was hit by one), but if you have insurance, contacting your carrier before transiting any of the tinderbox areas might be a good idea.

In the same topic space (links):

Today, it was reported one shipping firm has said “enough,” and will be sending its ships around the Cape of Good Hope until status quo ante resumes.

The New York Times had an excellent infographic capturing the magnitude of the Piracy situation.

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