Accumulated Cyclone Energy.2

Having looked at the Atlantic, I went looking for East and West Pacific data as well. First, it hasn’t been systematically recorded for as long and as well. Second, because the data is considered reliable only back to about 1971, trans-century cyclic trending is obscured. Dr Ryan Maue (Florida State University) has done an analysis similar to (and likely better than) mine.

His finding was, “Global Tropical Cyclone ACE does not show an upward trend…” [emphasis added] Based on 1971 to present data for the three regions. I agree, Since data since 1851 to the present for the Atlantic does show an upward trend, I wonder if one can infer that there is a balancing trend downward in the Pacific?

Dr Maue’s excellent work is reported here:

Global Tropical Cyclone Activity
Dr. Ryan N. Maue
Paper submitted to Geophysical Research Letters: April 8, 2011

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