Astern and Ahead

We visited the boat yesterday and collected the parcels that escaped the limbo of “backorder.” Half the boats on the hard have been relaunched. The noises of maritime spring surrounded us. Best of all the bilge was bone dry, and the batteries were tip-topped off, thanks to the yellow dwarf.

We are both thankful to have two knee replacements, two root canals, a shoulder rehab and the worst allergy season we can remember behind us for the most part. Now we are embroiled in readying the house for sale. The process bitter-sweet. This is the first home we’ve owned, and the longest we have lived anywhere as a couple. At the same time, all those collected boat parcels more than imply a list of projects we’d like to have completed before we move aboard and reshape our lives.

So, the pace of winter life is a memory. Reading, writing, thinking, healing and rehab have been replaced with scrubbing, spackling, caulking, painting, cleaning (up and out). The charities love us and begin to applaud when they see the car pulling up to unload. Our years of worship at the altar of stuff (and more stuff) appall us and delight them. It is an upbeat, if momentary buffer between us and the reality of the present real estate market.

It makes me look ahead with pleasure(?) at the prospect of replacing our forward head, installing the AIS, and other things focused on getting the boat fit for its new use of magic carpet and home for some years to come. At least the water, and therefore the holding tank, is still deadly cold, and the odors associated with the head project will be, well, reduced.

Tilted Panels Stayed Ice and Snow Free, Largest Winter Deficit, 2Ah

While speaking of pleasure, I should add the solar panels and the new batteries are performing beautifully. We have been “off the grid” for four months now, and the system data is excellent.

An Old Friend

Also a matter of pleasure was a visit with an old friend. When I was a pre-teen, I read “The Captain,” by Jan de Hartog. The book influenced me a number of ways; perhaps the greatest impact was in my sometimes annoying persistence. The book is out of print, but relatively easy to find. Re-reading it helped me put a lot of today’s irritants (global to personal) back into perspective.

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