I was Incorrect — at least partially

Well, I now understand that if one has selected “Use wireless networks,” there is some GPS signal strength threshold where this software switch is flipped. My similar driving test today delivered equivalent results with my Droid as with my hand-held GPS. [A good thing.] Google Latitude matched ground truth.  Since the GPS logger failed to operate, I have no accuracy information on the Droid however. So I cannot tell if snap to grid techniques were being used or not.

If using Smartphone for marine navigation:

  • Rule One: Deselect “Use wireless networks” in location settings.
  • Rule Two: Keep it plugged into external power source. My battery temperature was approaching 40°C, and the freshly charged battery was 50% consumed in the first 30 minutes before I pulled over and plugged it in.

I still need to get the data logger working and run the test off the road grid and at boat speeds to be convinced.  

As to using the Smartphone as an asset tracker, it looks like I may have to write my own App. The seven I have tried were variably, but all, wonky. [I would say the Rating Inflation is about 40% ( actually = ) Perhaps large families of sock puppets are involved.]

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