The New Head is Installed

Kudos to our builder for not making elves necessary to reach the pieces and parts. This and the head manufacturer didn’t change any bolt patterns, clearances or fittings. Some observations for folks facing the same task.

  • Measure thrice and add a foot or two if you can’t use the old hose/piping for a pattern.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Block any pathways to the bilge that you can.
  • When we winterized, we disinfected inside the head outlet hose with alcohol.
  • I used a C-Cell powered aquarium drain pump to remove the residual liquid from the outlet side of the system.
  • The plugs I crafted for the hose from large dowel were useless due to scale formation in the hose. But they were unnecessary in any case.
  • Wear gloves and still frequently wash your hands with soap and water .
  • A Dremel with a small cut-off wheel will slice through wire reinforced sanitation hose. Cutting parallel to the hose axis, once you see sparks from the hardened wire, cut gently, only until the sparks quit and then move on to the next wire. You will be able to feel the wire pop when it’s cut. Finish the job with a sharp knife to avoid scarring the fitting on which the hose was attached. This will create a lot of rubber dust and some smoke. Plan accordingly.
  • I used Dometic’s high-end sanitation hose. Dipping the end in hot (~120°F) water for three minutes softens it beautifully for installation on barbed fittings. Let it cool before tightening hose clamps. This allowed me to avoid lubricants which I have found can lead to the hose not sealing well on barbed fittings.
  • For the end I couldn’t dip, I half filled a plastic sandwich bag with the same temp water and draped it over the hose end. Five minutes later, voila, it was in place.
  • Let all the hose clamps sit for a day and re-tighten them before running liquid through the system. This is because some materials will creep under initial clamp pressure.
  • Wash your hands.

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