Feelin’ Good

I just got my first reader review for one of my books. I wonder if I would be saying so if it were a bad one? It is thought-provoking though. In 24 years in the USAF, I received about 50 formal evaluations, but it was the airmen, assignments, schools and promotions that provided the real feedback. In 11 years in industry, I received about 10 performance reviews, but it was the promotions and compensation changes that provided the real feedback. In my own company I just shut down, feedback came in the form of additional work assignments. This is the first time I can recall a completely un-associated* individual taking the time to provide direct written feedback on a piece of my work. It feels…good. If there are to be others, some will be bad, I know. In fact, this first one may attract a feedback troll who feels the need to maintain balance in the universe. For the moment this independent, voluntary expression of praise just feels…good.

*Editors not included.

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