A Golden Mean

A comment I left on Attainable Adventure Cruising.

The first line of defense is good sense, the second good training, the third good equipment, the fourth good maintenance, and fifth is good practices, the sixth is self-confidence and the seventh is a willingness to call it quits when continuing no longer makes sense.

And still, bad things happen to good people.

But bad things occur with far greater frequency to the arrogant, stupid, immature and ill-trained operating the insufficient and badly maintained in spite of all indications a towel toss is called for.

And still, I have met far more sailors who have succumbed to the unpredictable vicissitudes of being ashore (or just aging) than to the manageable risks of being afloat.

While I fully agree with you about being prepared (I was an Air Scout, after all), I believe we let our fears get the better of us, and lately at an accelerating rate.

If we try to minimize our worst regrets, we may as well join that new human sub-species, the reality-dipping, broad-butted couch minder. If we ignore the risks completely, well, at least some part of paragraph three applies.

Somewhere for each of us there is that aurea mediocritas, that golden mean, that course between the extremes that leads to the rewards of reasonable risks met and bested. Reasonable can only be defined in terms of the individual. And history tells us reasonable waxes and wanes as life moves on.

[Ultimate paragraph at Attainable Adventure Cruising] John and Phyllis, I believe from having read your site from end to end, the two of you are the closest exemplars I can point to for persistently and humbly doing good things well.

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