Spot vs DeLorme — Competition for the Adventure Tracking Dollar?

DeLorme and Iridium have partnered to deliver a device and service apparently aimed at the market segment currently dominated by SPOT and its family of products. Called “inReach™,”* it seems to offer a very interesting feature set. Hooray for competition. While it is too early to tell which offers the better value, my longstanding and recently reinforced reservations about being stuck with SPOT are now eased thanks to an alternative. Additional discussion is available at

Given my preference for Iridium vs Globalstar, and some of the shortcomings of SPOT. I’m pleased to see this turn of events.  The question is can DeLorme/Iridium market these effectively to marine interests?  While Iridium certainly has name recognition in the marine domain, DeLorme appears to me to be an edge player. It remains to be seen. But in the meantime competition is good for the consumer. Who knows, this could drive SPOT to offer a solution we like better.

*What do you bet along the way they kicked the idea of iReach around?

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