A Vision Quest

I have an almost love-not quite hate relationship with technology. So when I find myself wishing for a technical solution to a problem, I have a developed a concept of dreadthusiasm. I know each new solution will cause new dependencies, and those will probably cry out for, you guessed it, a technical solution or more.

Such is the case with the inspection challenges of a 40 foot boat and a 6′ 2″, 250# captain. Think bear in a refrigerator carton…add the carnival ride of a following sea on the quarter…

So technology now supplies 12 volt, small footprint, infrared LED illuminated, environmentally hardened, wireless cameras which can be viewed on a PC (or other) monitor — or does it? For the moment, I think I have encountered a technological trip to Maine — “Uh, yup, but ya cahnt get theyah from heyah.”  [This does nothing to diminish my love for Maine and its -iacs.]

Simply put, I have yet to find a technological solution for my desire to aim a (prior described) camera at my:

  • autopilot, rudder post and quadrant (requires camera on a stick now — troublesome in a heavy sea/driving rain)
  • engine and generator strainers (same)
  • oil sump and dripless shaft seal (heavy access cover troublesome in a seaway)
  • bilge sump (prefer Groco switch off when offshore so as to see changes)
Any ideas? I really would like to do this turnkey. I have other priorities that come ahead of cobbling a system together right now, and the “Marine” label is anathema.

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