By Their Ringtones Ye Shall Know Them

Ringtones have become the often annoying digital escutcheon of our era. And while many folks flit from one to another, many of us choose those which are defining in some way. For years I have had “Chase” by Ray Scott and his Quintette from his larger composition “Powerhouse.” Not only did it remind me of a better day in cartoons, it tied directly to the frenetic lifestyle that lived me.

This morning, my hand-held computing and internet access device and, occasionally, cellphone rang. I realized instantly, I had moved on, but my ringtone had not. It was jarring and jarred me into contemplation of what would be most appropriate for the present. Janet, oft the fount of wisdom, suggested “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?” After our morning walk in the clutches of humidity and bad air (ah, summer in the DC area). I found a version I liked, did the necessary audio editing and loaded the phone. I just had her test it. It’s a guitar version sans chords. 

While I am disinclined to drink when away from the dock, it seems eminently better suited to my present circumstances than the auditory whirlwind of Powerhouse. If Nilsson was going where the weather suits his clothes, perhaps I am going where it suits my slows.

Logo courtesy of Warner Brothers and Alcon Entertainment

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