It’s Any Time Of Day, Do You Know What Your Phone Is Doing?

klaxonstrongWhen we get our cell/smart phones, we or a tech set them up for the circumstances of the moment. There are now uses for those phones which can get one in trouble because the setup extends beyond what is expected for the phone.

I have just been reviewing how to set up my phone with a third party device which will allow my phone to act as an

input-output device for a satellite communicator via Bluetooth.

The setup instructions are good. They are also incomplete because they are written purely from the Service Provider’s perspective. [Not their fault.]

If you use your smartphone as described above, and you do so where cellular coverage is available. Your phone, working in the background — unless you instruct it otherwise — will try to establish a transactional relationship with the cellular network–UNLESS YOU TOLD IT NOT TO DO SO WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION.

The net result is while you have the phone powered up and are sending SMS or less texts via satellite, you may also be roaming on what may be a very, very, very expensive network [$3-5/min+]. On most phones, removing the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card will prevent this, but still disable roaming without express permission. Smartphones are dumb, they only do what they’ve been told to do…and sometimes we forget what it was we told them.

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