Interesting Alternative to Ibiseye: Stormpulse [No longer]

Ibiseye made changes which didn’t seem to me to be improvements — for one, their Google Gadget disappeared, apparently permanently or with very low priority for restoration. Also, it is very South Florida focused.

Stormpulse has a weather focus, is visually appealing (to me) and doesn’t drag irrelevant content, links and javascripts onto the machine. It is location aware.


2 responses to “Interesting Alternative to Ibiseye: Stormpulse [No longer]

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  2. I can no longer recommend Stormpulse. They are retiring the free version (April 2012) and are offering access to a $395/year subscription currently discounted to $295/year. From my perspective, this is about 10x too much for the value added. Weatherunderground continues to provide excellent storm information.

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