B.A.R.R. Boaters’ Anchoring Rights & Responsibilities — Florida at it again

Apparently, the anchoring situation in Florida hasn’t improved; it has just changed. Antipathy toward cruisers who don’t feel the need or desire to tie up and start pouring money into local coffers by the day, week, and month is every bit as strong as it was before legislation was passed to prevent the abuse of Federal navigation protections. And now the same folks who abused the Federal protection, necessitating the new Florida law, are finding new ways to do the same with the new law.

Courtesy B.A.R.R.

Into the fray steps Capt Charmaine Smith with a website  — B.A.R.R.
Boaters’ Anchoring Rights & Responsibilities
— designed to inform and empower cruisers who want to see Florida from the other end of an anchor rode not a mooring pendant or a dock line. We wish her well and will help her when we can. Adding one’s name to her list and paying attention to the issues and speaking out when and where the local Florida governments allow it (and schedule it during cruising season — ha!) may not do a bit of good, but at least one will have no excuse when they turn the state in to a single giant theme park with no anchoring and fees for all.

Bahamas, anyone?

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