It Must Be Real

Today, I started the thing which most means we are moving aboard — migrating the desktop to the laptop. Because storage is so cheap these days, and I bought a big drive (400GB), a lot of stuff has to be compressed or archived. I should have started 12 months ago…

The real challenge comes with back-up. I have a 400GB back up drive that mirrors everything in real-time. That’s not practical with the laptop. Looks like we will mirror the financial stuff in real-time to a tiny 16GB SD card. And the rest will get done manually to a stick on some sort of infrequently observed interval.

The secondary challenge is the desktop and laptop run different versions of Windows 7 and darned if that doesn’t mean differences in registry entries, .ini files and a few other arcana which means moving files isn’t all there is to migrating.

Funny, I’m keeping the checklist for the move in a spiral notebook…

2 responses to “It Must Be Real

  1. moondance38

    Will you attend the boat show this year?

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