Boat Show Roulette

  • This week we will attend the Annapolis Sailboat Show for the 28th time.
  • We have been hot.
  • We have been cold.
  • We have been wet.
  • We have been sunburned.
  • It’s been windy.
  • It’s been stultifying.
  • We have lingered.
  • We have marched through from end to end.
  • We’ve bought nothing; we’ve bought stuff; we’ve bought a boat (this one).
  • We’ve seen them huge.
  • We’ve seen them small.
  • We’ve been almost unable to move through the crowd.
  • We’ve seen them so thinly attended we’ve wondered if there was a security warning we missed.
  • We’ve walked ramps so steep we had to pull ourselves along.
  • We’ve seen tides so high up ramps led down, and we needed sea boots.
  • We’ve brought home ten kilos of paper.
  • We’ve brought home ten sheets of paper.
  • We always bring home a calendar.
  • We’ve seen people we know
  • We’ve seen no one we knew.
  • We’ve been to seminars.
  • We’ve been quite happy to pass up the ego trips and barely concealed sales pitches.
  • We’ve had questions answered.
  • We’ve walked away with more questions.
  • We’ve parked at the Naval Academy Football Stadium.
  • We’ve parked someplace better. (Ha, not gonna tell.)
  • We’ve subscribed.
  • We’ve renewed.
  • We’ve joined.
  • We’ve eaten from brown paper wrappers.
  • We’ve been wined and dined by a dealer (not this boat).
  • We’ve figured out mortgage payments on paper table cloths.
  • We’ve watched them build it.
  • We worked at five of the shows when Janet was with Boat US.
  • We’ve met icons and scions — some very nice and some believe their own press releases, and a few who needed showers.
  • We’ve met and made new friends.
  • And in the end, we’ve come away from the show with a sense of the wheel having turned again — Yes, we have holidays and solstices and equinoxes, but they don’t bring home the sense another year has been melted from life’s candle quite like the Boat Show does.

It’s an American Roulette Wheel >> two greens.

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