Where Are We Going…To Put All The Stuff?

Remembering long-past long trips on smaller boats, I despair of the lading yet to do for the nominal four years we are planning. We have already winnowed at least a third from our “stuff,” but there’s still plenty of stuff to stuff in places where it can be reached according to its urgency quotient.

So, the quarter berth is no longer a berth, but the “garage;” it’s un-nautical but fully descriptive. With the exception of the stuff in the safety locker in the quarter cabin (of which there is now more), the stuff in the garage is stuff we don’t plan to access when the boat is underway — come on, it’s a four-foot wide garage with a three-foot ceiling. This space has to accommodate what was already put there — long skinny stuff, mostly. The new stuff will go in plastic bins that can be slid around like puzzle pieces to get to the desired bin. It seems like this is turning out to be seasonal stuff. The folding bicycles will lurk in the back. If they lurk to long, they will be consigned to the heap of bad decisions. The hot water heater is below all this so a webcam will be installed in this space so we can look-see without tossing the garage.

We now have enough electronics in the margins of the seat locker, we have decided wet stuff no longer goes in this locker. This means other storage had to be created for wet stuff. I mentioned this in the life-raft posting. While this now means we have room for more stuff in the seat locker, it should be thought of as a fiberglass sea-bag — the old end-loading style where very much thought had to be given to what was at the very back. This kind of thinking has led us to partition on-board stuff into ready-stuff and re-supply stuff.

We are sure it won’t be long before we have categories of redundant-stuff and once-was-aboard-stuff.

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