Six Bins, Ten bags and Counting

Yesterday, we took my fully loaded truck and Janet’s car to the boat. After a stop at the mini-warehouse to off-load things we may need to access over the next four years but don’t need aboard, we continued on to the boat with six bins (about the size of a sea-bag each) and ten bags (slightly smaller than a canvas “haul firewood” bag) full of stuff to the boat.

To my surprise, I can still see boot top at the waterline. But we still have food, 150 gallons of diesel, and us to add. We feel reasonably certain there is stuff just placed aboard and stuff already aboard that is going back to the mini-store. But right now we have to focus on packers and movers and getting the house ready for tenants.

While the weather was good for getting this done, cool and overcast, last night’s low was in the thirties. Hopefully the really cold stuff will hold off until we are out of its reach.

Dream on….

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