Have you ever watched a time-lapse of something decaying in the forest and flowers sprouting through the decay in the spring? Have you ever watched rainforest ants (not in slow motion) transform a carcass into a mere discolored spot on the forest floor?

Today our movers finished transforming this house of 12 years into a place we used to live. They did it with speed and skill and good humor. There were seven of them! And of course, it rained.

Janet and I have done this dozens of times — between us there are over forty  moves. But this is the first from a place we lived over a decade; the first from a place we had built. This is only the fifth time between us we have moved at our own volition (either parents or the military defined the rest…except for Janet joining me in married life).

Were it not for the adventure before us, this would not be an entirely welcome transformation. Given our plans, it is good to have this done and get a move on (pun intended).

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