We moved aboard yesterday after a celebratory dinner. The sun left us to a deepening evening chill as I gave my truck the once over before taking it to the detailer and buyer. It was just plain cold by the time I tiptoed through the splattered Starling poop to go below.

The night was the coldest since March, something that doesn’t usually get said until deep into November. The heater kept it at bay, and we were asleep early.

The morning frost was a quarter inch thick and looked like groomed snow. The sun was well up before the melt drips began hitting the deck. By the time we stepped onto the dock, only the shaded rime was left and the sunlit boards were dry.

The drive back to the house to run errands prevented by the snow “event,” and to sell the truck, truly felt different.

The truck netted full blue book and then some, and we headed for our favorite New Mexican restaurant to celelebrate (and because we were hungry).

Now we await trick’r treaters, bags of bags of pretzels anticipate by the door of this house…

And then we have a long drive home…

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