Houston we have Genset! …and a high of 78°

Well, I pulled out the manual. I called the manufacturer, who suggested the valves had gotten too tight and needed adjusting. Having done valve jobs on VWs, “too tight” caused a bit of cognitive dissonance.

So I went to my tool kit for the feeler gauges — gone…

So I went to the Droid and ordered a set to be delivered the very next day to our friends’ house in Elizabeth City.

Feeler gauges in hand, I emptied the seat locker and deposited myself within.

My metric wrench set was missing the 11 mm box wrench needed to adjust the valves.

Paul, our host, came to the rescue with the necessary wrench.

Back below, wrench and screwdriver and feeler gauge in hand (not all at once) and with Janet’s help we had the Genset running, purring actually, in less than ten minutes.

We warmed it up and ran it hot for an hour loading it with the air conditioner!

Such is life suspended between technology and nature. As I sit typing this the river otters are making their weird vocalizations.

PS. While man may be a tool maker/user, it isn’t all that useful if one can’t find them…

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