Make and Mend, Eat and Spend

Monday, we decided to stay through Friday, rather than leave Tuesday. It was a combination of the calm beauty, the weather report for Thanksgiving, and the steam showers.

It was necessary, therefore to work to a degree that such sybaritic pleasures were earned…come on, we’re talking steam showers folks.

So we filled the aft water tank, remarked the anchor rode, continued working on the laser fuel gauge project, vacuumed, did laundry (At home it would have taken an hour, here, it took four of them.)

So today, we rewarded ourselves with a run into Oriental (using the marina courtesy car). We ate at M&Ms. Our first choice was closed, and that was fine. The chef at M&Ms really knows how to handle shrimp! After that, Janet looked up an acquaintance who owns a boutique here. In the course of that visit, I met the boutique owner’s friend who works in boat canvas and is quite an artist as well. Both ladies were a pleasure to meet and we ended up calling the marina for more car time.

We used the time for a quick stop at the hardware and grocery. Both had all we were in search of.

Tonight we are watching a line of wet and thundery stuff on the radar…the rhythm of nature set’s our tempo.

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