Happy Thanksgiving


We hope this day is all you want it to be.  We will be dining aboard. With two burners, an oven with broiler and a microwave and a passion for inventive cooking, we are only challenged by not creating too many leftovers. Not necessarily a bad thing. But first, the Macy’s parade…

This windy, chilly and brilliant Thanksgiving blew in on a Wednesday cold front. The system moved so fast the thundery stuff never developed, though the sky and radar hinted at a bit of boisterous weather. By sunset, we’d gone from shirt sleeves to shivering. By dark, the cold wind had kicked up into the 30 kt range. Below, we were listening to an a capella competition, rigging moan and squeaking fenders, so  on went the jacket, and lines and fenders were adjusted. Brrrrrrr. It was 46°F here this morning and George Town, Bahamas was 80°F. Hmmmm…

Tomorrow we visit the fuel dock above and head farther down the coast.

One response to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Chris! I sent you an email last night to your gmail account, but wasn’t sure what email you use and check these days. Glad to see the on board adventure has begun and look forward to reading all about it over the next 4 years.

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