Trimming the Treath

No, it’s not Spike Jones wishing for two front teeth. This trip, instead of a tree, we went with an ornamentally dressed wreath. Pretty spiffy. Janet says it’s the fastest she’s ever decorated for the Holidays.The run down to North Myrtle Beach was pretty placid. We left Southport in a blustery rain that lost its bluster and moisture before we had to deal with the Scylla and Charybdis of the ICW — Lockwood’s Folly and Shallote Inlets where they meet the waterway. We went through on high tide in both places and were glad we did. The old floating pontoon bridge at Sunset Beach is gone, replaced by a high-rise bridge, so that maneuvering challenge is history.

Bud, at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club (not a YC, really) met us on the dock with “I remember you guys” and a big smile.

We’re using this break to deal with State Bureaucracies and to reprovision, etc, etc. For now, we plan to head offshore from Charleston toward Jacksonville. Our departure for Charleston depends on the tide as the narrow and razor-bottomed “Rockpile” is just southwest of here. When the Army was digging the canal, the limestone formation was a surprise. It required blasting rather than shoveling. They ran out of funds before they had excavated it to a depth and width comparable to the rest of the dredged ICW. This is a challenge for sailboats, but we’ve had 50+ foot boats pass us at 50 mph in this section while we were dealing with the challenge.

In Charleston, there are adventuring folks we’d like to meet there, and it’s a “big ship” inlet and a good place to wait for favorable weather. If a good weather window looks to be too distant (or too narrow), we may move down to Beaufort, SC while we wait. Beaufort’s inlet is unimproved but broad and and sufficiently deep.

We shall see what we shall see.

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