It’s a Process

Remember Pearl Harbor.

In six days, we have driven 1900 miles.

  • The renters have been briefed on the codes and valves and switches.
  • The Toyota (now our only car and left at our long time marina) is in St Augustine, Florida with a long time friend and now has a Florida tag.
  • We are once again card-carrying Floridians — literally. And the young woman who facilitated the process was delightful to do business with.
  • We have collected our mail — including the dark chocolate malt balls, yummmmmm.
  • We have slept in three motels and eaten too many places. Tho’, Pusser’s in Ponte Vedra dished up some of the best.
  • We’ve had two rental cars (both good).

We made it back into Myrtle Beach with a front chasing us and managed to get back aboard 30 minutes before the rain, but the 25-35 knot gusts bounced us around quite a bit for a couple of hours as we sorted through mail and Christmas gifts etc.

It’s calmer now on the boat scale and on the cruising scale. Key things have been accomplished — boxes checked —  and after provisioning tomorrow and mailing Christmas presents, we will get back into the rhythm of traveling this way.

Next we head for Charleston/Beaufort SC where we will consider jumping offshore for Jacksonville.

It’s a process…

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